Song Contest

If you think you have a great song, maybe you should enter the song contest. We do not accept any sware words or already made songs. To enter the contest please contact Bubble Gum or any of us HBG! The winner's song will be posted online and we will sing your song ujst like it's one of ours. You may enter as many songs as you would like. There will three winners 1st place 2nd place and 3rd place are no different. When you win I will ask you to give me a nickname for yourself. That way no stranger can find out your real name. You may even be hired as a song writer! So get to making that god song we have all been waiting for!!!!!!

Heart Brake Girls


We are the Heart Brake Girls you brake it you buy it uh-oh but we're gonna brake your heart oh-ooh-oh-ooh-oh-yeah       repeat 1x last time 2x

Hershey: I'm sitten here by the street standin still ooh-oh-ooh-oh when nobody knows your name it's hard to be anyone but your self you know-oh               Chorus

Kit-Kat: I'm sitten here all alone standin still ooh-oh-ooh-oh makin it the best it can be but everyon knows how hard tha is everyone knows how hard that can be yeah-yeah-yeah! Chorus

Kiwi: Sitten here in the rain stndin still ooh-oh-ooh-oh  can't everyone feel the pain?I guess that's a lie oh why oh why probly cause I'm alone ooh-oohooh- yeah

HBG: We're starin here in the blank drowning by all the rain feel like I'm falling of a plank bt my friends are there savin me now everyones safe now everyone fine we know we're together in a mllion minds because!


 Good Bye